-Visit our Dealership

-Shop & Earn Points

-Points = $Rewards$

100 Points upon Activation

Earn up to 5% on Boat, Motor, Trailer Purchases

Earn Points on Accessories/Parts not excluded

Earn Points on Service Parts & Labor (500 point cap)

We would like to Thank You for being a loyal customer! Now when you make a qualifying purchase at our dealership you will receive Loyalty Rewards Points which can be used to purchase store Gift Certificates! Our Loyalty Rewards program is completely automated and does NOT require you to carry a Loyalty Card or fill-out any application forms.

Once you make a qualifying purchase at our dealership, you will receive an e-mail informing you of all the points you earned, how many are pending and how to redeem those points for a store Gift Certificate.

How our Boater Rewards Program works:

  • Simply make a qualifying purchase at the dealership and you will receive an e-mail from the Loyalty system informing you how many points you earned, how many are pending and how to redeem those points for a store gift certificate. Your e-mail address must be on-file with the dealership if you want to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program. You can make sure your e-mail address is on-file by giving it to anyone at the dealership during a purchase or by calling the dealership today.
  • For every qualifying purchase you make the Loyalty System will automatically send you an e-mail letting you know your point balance, how many are pending and how to redeem those points for a store gift certificate.
  • To redeem your points, simply login to your secure personal private loyalty portal thru the loyalty rewards emails. Click on your point total and select the gift certificate you wish to purchase. You have the option to print the gift certificate or send it to your mobile device to redeem at the dealership cash register. Or you can use your available points on your next purchase at the register, just tell the cashier.
  • Mobility – our loyalty system works with smart phones like iPhone and Android. You can view your points, purchase Gift Certificates with your points and redeem Gift Certificates at the dealership all from your smart phone. No cards, coupons or paper required. Points are pending for 30 days then they become available to use! And they expire after 18 months. Don’t worry, an email will be sent letting you know your points are about to reset.

What if I do not want to be in the Loyalty Program?

Simply “Opt Out” when you receive your first Welcome e-mail or at any time you may login to your personal private web portal and select the option to “Disable” your Loyalty Rewards Account.

Some exclusions…..Things like warranty work, insurance work, prop repair, Trolling Motors and Fish Locators.

Remember: Points are on hold for 30 days after sale, then become available to use!

*Loyalty Points cannot be used

towards an A/R Balance

Redemption Configuration:

  • $10.00 Gift Certificate=200 Points
  • $20.00 Gift Certificate=400 Points
  • $25.00 Gift Certificate=500 Points
  • $40.00 Gift Certificate=800 Points
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate=1000 Points
  • $100.00 Gift Certificate=2000 Points

Boater Rewards Portal